Book Everything Egyptian's Travelling Bazaar for Your Event

We can bring the travelling bazaar to your hafla or evening class. Please book well in advance.

If you are hosting an event, the travelling bazaar can support or even make an event special. All of the items featured in the online catalogue can be brought along to your hafla, special event, evening class, school fair etc. All the items are purchased in Egypt, and will add authenticity to your event.

The person who asks the organiser to invite the bazaar can have a free gift from the stall, also the host can have 10% commission on sales, or a raffle prize and the raffle money goes to the host, or a present from the stall.

We can also bring a Mediterranean buffet or hire shisha/hooka pipes too?

What we can bring

As well as the traditional array of luxury hand made one-off hip scarves and designer professional bellydance costumes, we can also supply:

  • ankle bracelets
  • abayas
  • bindis
  • canes
  • CDs
  • coin belts
  • dresses
  • galibayas
  • shamadan
  • shoes
  • veils
  • wings
  • zills / sagat
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